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TV/Film Production Photo Booths

We understand the fast-past world of TV/Film Production.

Call Sheets
We value your time and understand the importance of precise scheduling for your TV/Film production. At Photo Stars, we strive to ensure a seamless and worry-free execution of our services, even when unexpected challenges arise.

Branded Photo Booths
We understand the importance of quick and efficient design solutions for your creative team. Our team is dedicated to providing branded wraps with a fast turnaround time, ensuring that your booth stands out as designed and delivered on schedule.

On-Set Etiquette
We understand the importance of professionalism on the set of your tv/film production. Our staff is committed to maintaining a high standard of conduct at all times. Rest assured that daily covid testing and mask wearing will not be an issue when you choose to work with us.

​Wrap Party
We will provide your hardworking talent, office and production staff a fun photo booth experience for the wrap party.

TV and Film Production Photo Booth
TV and Film Production Photo Booth
TV and Film Production Photo Booth
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Please fill out the contact form below if you have any questions or would like to request a quote for your event. We are excited for the opportunity to work with you!

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