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The GlamBot Experience

Perfect for Film Premieres, Gala Dinners, Music Award Ceremonies,

Product Launches, Award Shows and Brand Activations.

Toronto GlamBot Photo Booth

Toronto GlamBot Rentals

We are excited to share that we have introduced a game-changing product – the Glambot, which has been highly requested by our esteemed clientele. Inspired by Cole Walliser's cutting-edge robot arm, this innovative product brings sophistication and style at a fraction of the expected cost.

Our Glambot features a remarkable 4K camera capable of capturing videos at speeds as slow as 240 frames per second, enabling the creation of stunning slow-motion effects. With our on-site Director overseeing operations, we guarantee an unforgettable experience for your guests, offering a myriad of tailored movements to suit your event's unique requirements.

What sets us apart is the complete customization we offer – from the base of the arm to video templates, social media sharing capabilities, and on-site video slideshow presentations. This level of flexibility makes the Glambot an ideal choice for a wide range of events, including brand activations, corporate functions, awards ceremonies, and film/TV premieres. Join us in elevating your event with the unparalleled innovation and elegance of the Glambot!

Past GlamBot Event Photos

Toronto Glambot Rental
Toronto Glambot Rental
Toronto Glambot Rental
Toronto Glambot Rental
Toronto Glambot Rental
Toronto Glambot Rental

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

How many attendants does the Glambot come with?
the Glambot always comes equipped with two skilled attendants. One of our team members is trained specifically in robotics operation to ensure seamless control and operation of our specialized Glambot system. The other attendant manages the camera operation and guides guests through the entire video experience, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process for all attendees.

How do Guests receive their video content?
When it comes to receiving video content, we've streamlined the process with cutting-edge software developments. Our videos are rendered live in under 20 seconds at events, allowing guests to receive their content promptly. Sharing options include QR codes, email, or text message delivery, which directs them to a personalized microsite branded for your event. Additionally, a live feed of recent videos can be displayed on a screen near the Glambot, adding an interactive element to the experience.

How much notice do you need to book the Glambot?
We recommend securing your spot at least two weeks in advance. This timeframe allows us to coordinate all branding and logistical elements necessary to make your event a resounding success.

How much can we expect to pay to book the Glambot?
Despite the high-spec nature of our equipment and the expertise of our attendants, we strive to keep our pricing as competitive as possible, starting at just $2499 plus HST.

Do you offer any backdrops?
Oh yes, we love a good backdrop! We offer a range of pre-existing backdrops available in a huge assortment of colours.

Can this be used outside?

The Glambot is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether utilizing provided power sources or bringing our own, along with commercial-grade mobile Wi-Fi, we ensure a seamless outdoor setup. It's important to place us on stable ground for optimal performance, and in the event of adverse weather conditions, we have contingency plans in place to swiftly relocate the equipment.

What We Offer

Toronto GlamBot Rental

Super Slow Mo Camera

Our ultra high-def camera shoots super slow motion, in a staggering 240fps! This means that your videos will play back at 4 times slower than the eye would usually perceive, which is really quite something to behold! The output is generally rendered in Portrait format, meaning the videos are ready-made for social sharing on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts to name a few!

Toronto GlamBot Rental

Two Fantastic Attendants

All of our Glambot packages come with two highly-trained, highly social operators. One of these will be in charge of operating the robot (which requires high-level training), and the other will manage the queue and prepare the guests - to ensure they get the best videos possible! They will also manage the instant sharing.

Toronto GlamBot Rental

Custom Backdrops Available (Add-On)

Spice up your Glambot rental experience with our pipe/drape backdrop package; choose from 10+ different beautiful colours. These are sized at 10'W x14'H, which fits into most banquet halls (please check the height of your ceiling to be sure). We also offer custom built backdrop installations for those that want a little more fizz!

Toronto GlamBot Rental

Super-Fast, Instant Sharing

Thanks to the latest technology in video software, our videos can now be rendered in as little as 11 seconds. You can of course add more effects and visuals to this as well. Once ready, the videos can be instantly shared via a custom branded microsite page. You will also receive full event analytics and data capture options.

Fully Branded Social Sharing Microsite

Toronto GlamBot Rental

Your guests can instantly download and share their video within seconds to all social media platforms. The microsite is fully branded with your logo, matching foreground colours, custom text and hashtags.

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